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Note: MAXIMUM 500 words for submissions to Dually Noted. 

Tethered by Letters is proud to offer spring, summer, and fall internships every year. Each internship lasts twelve weeks.

An internship with Tethered by Letters will give you first-hand experience working in the publishing industry. Our programs are designed to bridge the gap between learning about publishing and actually working in the business. With assignments such as editorial writing, social media marketing, industry outreach, and professional correspondence, interns receive expansive training that covers a range of skill and experiences.

Our publishing internships are conducted entirely online so students from anywhere in the world can participate as long as they have access to WiFi. For interns who live in Denver, CO, we host regular local work and publishing events, in which you are invited and encouraged to participate. However, our entire editing curriculum and other internship duties can certainly be carried out remotely.  

We offer one paid position for each internship cycle. The paid intern typically works slightly more than the unpaid interns. Generally speaking, neither paid nor unpaid interns work more than 15 hours per week. In order to apply for our paid position, you must have been previously published with us, either in F(r)iction, our print journal, via F(r)Online, our online platform, on as part of Dually Noted, our group writing project.

For any additional questions or concerns, please check out our FAQs page and some helpful advice from our CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Dani Hedlund.

Dually Noted is Tethered by Letters' group writing project. Each submission should attempt to match the previous section of the story, in both style and content. Our editors will choose the best 500-word submission every week and add it to the current story. Stories whose quality meets TBL's high quality standard may be published in F(r)iction Series, our triannual print publication.


Dually Noted will take submissions through July 20. The theme of this project is: “The moon just winked at me.”

Each 500-word section should be a complete story arc. Writers are free to submit stories of any genre, subject, or style (even poetry is welcome!), but submissions should adhere to the theme. Feel free to use your imagination and come up with interesting ways to incorporate this idea. Submissions are due Fridays at midnight PST. We’ll post the best submissions each Monday!