Submit your work for free professional edits or submit to our group writing project here.

Note: MAXIMUM 6,500 words for submissions to the Free Editing Program. 
Dually Noted is Tethered by Letters' group writing project. Each submission should attempt to match the previous section of the story, in both style and content. Our editors will choose the best 500-word submission every week and add it to the current story. Stories whose quality meets TBL's high quality standard may be published in F(r)iction Series, our triannual print publication.


Dually Noted will take submissions through August 25. The theme of this project is: “Portal in a Public Bathroom!”

Each 500-word section should be a complete story arc. Writers are free to submit stories of any genre, subject, or style (even poetry is welcome!), but submissions should adhere to the theme. Feel free to use your imagination and come up with interesting ways to incorporate this idea. Submissions are due Fridays at midnight PST. We’ll post the best submissions each Monday!

NOTE: THE FREE EDITING PROGRAM IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. If you submitted work on or before April 14, you will still receive edits from our staff.

The Tethered by Letters Free Editing Program accepts short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, as well as graphic stories and comics. Our editors will read your work and deliver detailed notes,  typically within 2-4 weeks, with the goal of helping the work reach a publishable state. Pieces that meet a high standard of quality will be considered for publication in F(r)iction (our triannual print publication) or the F(r)Online, our weekly online journal.

We only work with one piece at a time per writer, so please wait to send more submissions until you receive notes on your first piece. We accept a maximum of 5,000 words for short story submissions to the Free Editing Program; a maximum of 1,000 words for flash fiction submissions; and a maximum of 5 pages of poetry.